Waunlwyd, The Parade, Park Place c.1955

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Memories of Waunlwyd, the Parade, Park Place c1955

Mum, Ivy Ironmonger, and her sister, Edie, were evacuated from London during summer of 1944 and I was born on September 19th that year. Mum gave birth in the front bedroom of number 78 Excelsior Sreet, Waunlwyd, one of the first houses up the hill on the right, past the Parade .....not too far from the Park Hotel. (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1955 and lived in Waunlwyd until I went away to University in 1973. I remember this row of shops very well as I was entrusted to shop for family and relatives who would pay me a small fee that I was saving up for a school trip to Paris (that never took place). I remember Mr & Mrs Morgan in the Post (...Read full memory)

My mother, Eunice Weeks, came from Cwm, went into service in Bristol and London at 13 years old. Married in Cwm 1938, lived in London where my brother was born in 1939. Our house was bombed so Mum evacuated to her family in Cwm. I was born at my grandmother's, 14 Emlyn Road, but lived with my great-grandmother, (...Read full memory)

39 Cwm Road in 1946 The family home, at 39 Cwm Road, was on the ‘cellar side’, which was deemed to be an advantage, since the houses were three-storeyed and sported an extra kitchen, scullery and pantry, not present in those opposite. The front doors of the cellar terrace opened onto the middle (...Read full memory)

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