West Wickham, Coneyhall Estate From Croydon Road c.1955

Memories of West Wickham

This picture brings back many memories. I was born in 1953 and lived in Coney Hall until 1972, attending school at Wickham Common and then Hawes Down Secondary. The view from where this picture was taken is not dramatically different today. The parade of shops that can be seen on the right included the newsagent and (...Read full memory)

I've been researching my ancestors and discovered that my great-great-grandfather, William Fox, was living at the White Hart in High Road, West Wickham, in 1881 with his daughter Mary Ann Reading and her husband John Reading, who I presume was landlord. Wlliam Fox died in 1881. He had been a farmer in Womenswold before retiring. Roger Lancaster.

There was a lot more green fields in the1940's. White gate farm was where the swimming baths are now. there was Smith farm opposite the White Hart which had a pond outside and the cows were driven from a field which is now Baptist to farm entrance at the end of the Alders. There was also a field beside the legion (...Read full memory)

My dad was the manager of Payantake Stores in West Wickham High Street for many years (from 1959 onwards). It used to be where Oxfam is now. We lived in the flat above the shop. There were regular break-ins at Croft Radio, which was on the corner across the road but nobody took much notice of the alarm going off (...Read full memory)

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