West Wickham, Coneyhall Estate From Croydon Road c.1955

Memories of West Wickham

This picture brings back many memories. I was born in 1953 and lived in Coney Hall until 1972, attending school at Wickham Common and then Hawes Down Secondary. The view from where this picture was taken is not dramatically different today. The parade of shops that can be seen on the right included the newsagent and (...Read full memory)

A college full of young female teaching students on my doorstep - what more could an 18 year old ask for? Yes, Coloma College was , for a short while , a weekend hotspot for me and my friends. There were regular discos , and also, on occasions, live music. And, in 1971, none other than Status Quo played a gig (...Read full memory)

I lived just down the road from here in Sylvan Way between 1955 and 1970. I was a young choirboy in the St John the Baptist church which was alongside the college (it paid 5s for a marriage service on a Saturday and that was good money in those days). I remember that walking back from choir practise during the dark (...Read full memory)

We used to go west wickam quite a lot but mostly passing through, and the pictures and memories were the swimming baths which we used frequently, The cake shop just along from the Conney that sold the most delious cream horns, I think we had a Christmas party above the pub that the Police had for all the kids of (...Read full memory)

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