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To everyone who spent some time at Farleycroft. I was there from approx 1948. I remember Mrs Gunn, I remember a nurse Lemon and a nurse Baldry. I met Nurse Baldry’s parents one day when they were visiting their daughter. It’s quite a long story but later it turned out that they fostered me out, I think I was (...Read full memory)

I should have said it was "Over the Way" that was the boarding house opposite Pitts Cottage that belonged to the same people. "The Old Way" was a tea house at the Croydon Road end of the High Street - there was a "co-op" grocery store opposite.

I travelled with my father on the Westerham branch-line in the summer of 1959, and as we were the only passengers boarding the empty train at Dunton Green, we were invited by the driver to accompany him and his fireman in the cab for the journey - what a treat! Suffice to say that no-one else joined the train at (...Read full memory)

My father, Ian Thomas, grew up in the George and Dragon which was owned by his parents. My dad told us many stories, particularly of the WW2 era, when he would climb out of his bedroom window (I believe the first or second window on the roof from the right) onto the roof to watch the war planes (...Read full memory)

Born in Westerham in 1964 in Maden Road and lived there till I was 8.Tthen we moved to Ash Road to a new house, then I moved to Leybourne when I got married. Westerham is a very nice place to grow up, I went to St Marys then on to Churchill School

Further to my initial comment:- I was at Valance in 1949 and was there as a delicate child, having been transfered from another such school "Wrens Warren Camp School" which closed down. The head teacher in 1949 was a Miss Hoad who was very fair but strict. Mr Punch ad been the headmaster at Wrens Warren and (...Read full memory)

About 1963 - I was a waitress at Pitts Cottage when it became an exclusive restaurant. The owner was a race driver ???? Parker, and the manager was Bernard Audergon from Switzerland. I also worked after school and weekends before that at the Old Way, across the street, which was a boarding house. Would love to know what (...Read full memory)

I remember Hosey School very well. My mother used to clean for Mr Goldsmith way back in 1952-54. I went there from the age of 7 until I was 11 then graduated to the big school... Churchill, and yes I remember Mr Russel-Jones, any lad would remember him. If anyone can remember me or wants to contact me, I'll be more than willing to chat. My addy is Thanks, John

I remember being at a convalescent/residential school called Valance in Westerham. The building was a large estate house with a round turret, and set in beautiful gardens. I have not been able to find out what happened to the house, whether it was sold privately or became another school. I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers it or knows of its existence and use now.

I was one of the children at the home from 1950 to 1952 and remember Mrs Gunn the matron. It was a beautiful house with lovely gardens. We had quilts on our beds and every night I would go round the room and pick up all the teddies that had fallen out of the other children's beds, and put them under my quilt so they wouldn't (...Read full memory)