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Well, Simon, I remember you. Your Father was a very good actor...if I'm not mistaken. After leaving Whittlebury in 1964 and via Art College -I became an actor myself under the name of "Paul Gregory" and now reside in Hollywood where I am still TRYING to work ! 51 years ago ! ...since Whittlebury, Major (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Mr Beagle the music teacher and what the Latin teachers name was ? Robert Lowe.

I have nothing but fond memories of my time at Whittlebury,okay if you were expecting to advance to Oxbridge,forget it but it did teach you to fight your'e own battles and make your own bed.I had a head start I suppose because I came from a large family so going to a bigger one was easy. I was very sport minded (...Read full memory)

We put sugar in the petrol tank of Latin teacher. Car broke down. My father received letter from Major Meager ....we are sorry to advise you that your son Peter... and a bill for replacing car engine! Anyone remember?

The second modern day Whittlebury School reunion has been arranged for Saturday 5th October 2013 at 12:00 hrs for 13:00 hrs at “The Atrium” which is part of the Whittlebury Park golf club (the same place as 2011). Tickets are priced at £25 (twenty five pounds) per head and are available from Tony Wood or (...Read full memory)

I was at Whittlebury School from 1963 until about 1968 (I can't remember the exact date when I left). When Major Meager went, the school was taken over by a Mr Oram, who ran it until it closed. My parents took me away because the O level teaching was no good. I remember some of the incidents given by (...Read full memory)

I was another "student from 1958-1962. I still remember quite a few people. Dick Ince, carpentry master & his dog "Ponto", Matron Bridget Clarke, Biology Master "Jake" Thompson, Science Mr Penny. Dick Ince allegedly "seeing" matron, regularly visiting her after lights out. Anthony Meager being expelled by his (...Read full memory)

I was a student (ahum...) at Whittlebury from 1963-1965. I remember the Jaffa brothers (one was a prefect). Also the maths teacher, "Sooty", whose green Mini was once found on the gym stage, with wheels removed, before morning assembly. I raced old bangers around the grounds with other rowdies. One very cold winter, we went (...Read full memory)

The Old Boys, hope there are plenty still around. Got dumped off at the main entrance during 1956, Trunk and Tuck Box which immediately was commandeered or used as a bribe to get a decent bed. I remember being shut out on the balcony most of a very cold night. There were three houses at the time, Ewart,Chester and (...Read full memory)

Ah, the memories. I am the Miss Brooks mentioned and I remember well Christopher Thurston, music teacher and Willoughby Johns with whom I went to a "do" at Cambridge. Also, Elizabeth, Major Meager's secretary who married Kingsley Thompson (I was bridesmaid). I wonder if these people are still alive. What was the (...Read full memory)