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A special collection of archive photos of England's capital city.

Memories of Willesden, High Road c1965

Willesden High Road leads past Willesden Green tube station and on towards St Gabriels Church. It was opposite this church that I lived for the first few months of my life in 1945 with my mother and my grandmother, Florence Norfolk, in a rented flat on the third floor of Melrose Mansions on the junction of (...Read full memory)

Do you remember Electricity House, just to the right of the picture?  In the late 50s when I was about 8ish I guess,  Mum used to take me to the cookery demonstrations held there.  They were in the afternoon and they were free.  There was a special room with a stage and a cooker on it and table (...Read full memory)

My name is John Power, Waterford City. I lived on Harlesden Road, Willesden from 1965 to 1968 and then returned to Ireland. In that space of time I made some great friends and one family in particular who were named Roche from Kerry. There were at least 6 men and 2 girls in the family. One girl was married and (...Read full memory)

My email address is john98718@gmail.com Mobile No. 0879615663

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