Memories of Woodford Green

Born in Woodford Wells in 1946 and lived on the High Road a few doors away from The Travellers Friend and the Simmonds Art Shop where my good friend Roger Simmonds lived. We had a wonderful childhood, we shopped for sweets in The Milk Tray a small sweet and tea shop where later my mother worked for a Mrs Romain (...Read full memory)

I was born at St Margaret's hospital, Epping in 1967. I remember my first day at school and being terrified! I remember every teacher with fondness. The green surrounding the school was an extension to the playground and you had to be able to hear the bell! This was rung by a senior pupil who ran the (...Read full memory)

I remember being taken by a family member to see their old home in Woodford Green, their parents had lived there all of their lives. One of the family's great-great-grandfathers named Goldsmith was a domestic coachman and the families lived all around the area. Some of the children  of the family in (...Read full memory)

Not sure of the date but I remember the church being destroyed. I had just become old enough to join the fire service as a youth messenger and I was in the fire station at the top of Snakes Lane when the incident occurred. The engines turned out and when I got home I was severely told off by my mother as we had passed (...Read full memory)

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