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My mother came from Woodford Green. She met and married my dad when they were in the army. I would often go down with my mam to see my granda. I remember one particular time going with my cousin up to the forest at the top of the street which I think was Epping Forest and getting lost. We finally stumbled upon the swimming pool and were able to find our way back from there.

I remember being taken by a family member to see their old home in Woodford Green, their parents had lived there all of their lives. One of the family's great-great-grandfathers named Goldsmith was a domestic coachman and the families lived all around the area. Some of the children  of the family in the early part of the 20th century went to Churchfields School I believe and also Woodford ...see more

I moved away from Woodford Green many years ago and have lived in various places since, but I still recognise Woodford Green as my home town. I have 3 vivid memories of my time living with my gran just off the green in Fairlite Avenue. The first being the trips to the book shop on the corner of Woodford Green, High Road with my gran who at the time was head cook at the Sunset Road Junior School, I ...see more

I was born at 41 King's Avenue in 1947 and left the area in 1959. My brothers were born at the nursing home at end of the road. I remember particularly the shops Le Bonbon, Pudicombes, Sainsbury's (where we serverd at separate counters and paid at the back - complete with an overhead system for getting money to cashier), Tom (the fishmonger), the clock shop and the ironmongers - all on the ...see more

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