Memories of Wray

Hi, my name is Ted Holmes, I was bred up Roeburndale and attended Wray, and later Burton in lonsdale, Schools. Are any of my old friends out there?

My maternal family have lived in Wray unbroken from the end of the 19th century to now. My mother was born in 1912, one of ten children; 7 girls and 3 boys. She was brought up in Glen Cottage on Main Street. They are a remarkable family with four of the girls still alive; Ruth (102), the oldest living resident of Wray (...Read full memory)

My memories are of growing up at Barkinggate Farm in Roeburndale, attending Sunday school at Roeburndale chapel, and attending Wray school in the 1940s, and later on Burton-in -Lonsdale school. I left Roeburndale in 1961.

During the Second World War, my dad's uncle Rev Alfred Bell was vicar of Wray parish church. We used to travel to Wray from Blackburn where we lived for a weekend to visit them, it seemed to take forever! Uncle Alfred and Aunt Edith had a son, Raymond who was eventually vicar of St Michaels on Wyre, Eileen their daughter (...Read full memory)

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