Dawlish Warren, Warren Halt And The Cornish Express 1907

Memories of Dawlish Warren

I remember as if yesterday 1965 at Dawlish Warren and the carefree days of my youth spent with friends and nature there. I remember the song "we're all going to San Francisco" by Scott Walker ringing gently through the dunes as us youngsters passed time messing about as youngsters do. What lovely times they were, (...Read full memory)

It seems to be a wet summer this year but at long last a day when it wasn't actuially raining at breakfast time! We set off from our home in Tiverton to give granddaughter Anna a day at the seaside. The recent stormy weather and high tides have scoured away a tremendous amout of the sandy beach at (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1942 and brought up in Walthamstow in NE London. We were a working class family and Dad always provided us with 2 week's holiday, if possible 'by the sea'. In 1951, Dad chose Dawlish Warren. I was 9 at the time and we probably travelled down by train from Paddington, changing at (...Read full memory)

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