Knutsford, Miss Matty's Tea Shop c.1955

Memories of Knutsford

Both my brother and I (twins) started school in the 1950's - Miss Akins, Miss Houth(?) F.Ford (the headteacher) had a dog. We played in the yard and the school had its own garden. We would go to the St Cross church on holy days. I would later marry in the church in 1969, I'm still with my wife. Dinner time we would have (...Read full memory)

I was born in Knutsford in 1947 at 114 King Street (the Tatton cottages), and moved to Manor Park in 1951. I started at Egerton School (the old one on Silkmill Street) and then moved to Crosstown. I have so many memories of my wonderful home town that 1000 words wouldn't begin to tell my (...Read full memory)

Knusford Heath was our playground as children. We used to burrow tunnels in the sand pits, play hide and seek, Cowboys and Indians, or simply roll down the hills. I only lived across the road in Tabley Road. We'd be up at dawn and out all day, called in for dinner or tea by the sound of Mum ringing the bell.  There were (...Read full memory)

My grandfather, Gerard Murgatroyd, was born in a house in Knutsford called "The Sycamores" in 1879. I live in Montreal and my father died in 1949 when I was two. My grandfather died before my parents met and there was no love lost between my mother and her mother-in-law. As a result I had virtually no information about my (...Read full memory)

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