Knutsford, Miss Matty's Tea Shop c.1955

Memories of Knutsford

In the 1960's/70's - (can anybody tell me the actual date?) when the Tatton Estate was being broken up, there was an attempt to secure the Heath for built development. The Knutsford Freeholders who had 'ancient rights' for grazing etc.. over the Heath (and, of course, to hold fairs thereon - especially the May (...Read full memory)

St. Cross Church opposite where Crosstown School once stood. (see "memories" below)

I have always heard that my gran's sister  started the laundry.  Prior to this she was a wardress at the prison.  Her name was Maria Stanley.  I know that family stories get distorted and maybe she just worked at the laundry.  She was definitely a wardress in 1901 and I would be interested to know when the laundry came (...Read full memory)

Both my brother and I (twins) started school in the 1950's - Miss Akins, Miss Houth(?) F.Ford (the headteacher) had a dog. We played in the yard and the school had its own garden. We would go to the St Cross church on holy days. I would later marry in the church in 1969, I'm still with my wife. Dinner time we would have (...Read full memory)

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