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American Student And Muswell Hill Memories

I was so lucky to have landed in Muswell Hill to take up residence with a family of three headed by their matriarch, Cecelia in 1980. She regularly took in students of all kinds to live in the house ...Read more

A memory of Muswell Hill by Sharon Van Buskirk

Childhood 1941 1947

I was born in Tavistock in 1941, but my family lived in Bere Alston until 1947. We lived in a house called The Firs, but perhaps it is no longer there. My father was the doctor and during the Second World War, the local ...Read more

A memory of Bere Alston in 1945 by Claire Barker

Stories Of North Creake

My grandfather, John Arnett, was the teacher at the North Creake school for many years.  Four of his sons came to Canada.  When I was a little girl growing up in distant Saskatchewan the uncles would gather and tell ...Read more

A memory of North Creake in 1890 by Frances Arnett Sbrocchi

Careless Driving

About the time that this photo was taken the fence on the left hand side of the road was demolished in the middle of the night. An obviously tired local Member of Parliament, for the adjoining constituency, had ...Read more

A memory of Bromley by Jon Holland

The Cricketers Arms And The Town Hall

I always remember the Cricket Green as the lazy hazy days of summer.  My father played cricket here, I don't remember the name of his team, but we had to sit and watch him.  I liked it when the crocuses poked ...Read more

A memory of Mitcham in 1959 by Carole Baldwin

Frenchay Hospital, Bristol Built By The American Army

Frenchay Hospital in Bristol was built by the American Army during the Second World War. Frenchay Hospital is a large hospital situated in Frenchay, South Gloucestershire, on the (NE) outskirts of ...Read more

A memory of Frenchay by Paul Townsend

Churchers College Petersfield

I was a at school as a boarder at Churcher's College from 1945 to 1951. The immediate post war years in England were a time of great hardship and rationing. I remember vividly the bad winter of 1947, when Heath Pond ...Read more

A memory of Petersfield in 1945 by Howard Johnson

A Visit By An American Soldier (Professor) During Wwii

My uncle Joe Wolff was an American Soldier during WWII and spent the summer of 1942 stationed in various places in Wiltshire including Tottenham House. Although he was a private he was very ...Read more

A memory of Marlborough in 1942 by Kristin Simpson

A Happy, Friendly Place For A Boy To Grow Up ...

Born in Woking in 1945 I lived in New Haw from 1947 to 1964, firstly at Warren Road and then from 1949 in Braeside. I remember Mrs Crab at West Byfleet Primary who taught me to read; I remember Mr Bean at ...Read more

A memory of New Haw in 1947 by David Imisson

My Playground White Horse Close

At the age of 11 we moved here & a group of us could always be found (gambling our pocket money at cards) on the steps in the photo. It always amazed us the number of tourists who would enter the close asking if ...Read more

A memory of Edinburgh in 1957 by Ian Tant