Old Maps of Beeford

Historic Maps of Beeford and the local area.

Memories of Beeford

Read and share your memories of Beeford itself or of a particular photo of Beeford.

My memories of Beeford follow those of Ms Smith, as my husband and I were owners of Beeford Village Stores from 1986 to 1992. We had to replace the roof due to woodworm. We had only lived there a few weeks when Beeford was cut off by a severe snow storm, and snowploughs came to clear the roads. Another event I (...Read full memory)

Beeford holds many fond memories for me. My grandparents Charlie and Mary Walker took over the corner shop in around 1963. They then turned it into 'Ye Olde Wrought Iron Shoppe' which my grandfather ran until his late seventies. We spent most weekends there and as I grew up I visited often and had many a (...Read full memory)