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Vintage Advertising

Published on January 10th, 2018

Do you remember Cherry Blossom shoe polish, Duraglit, and Robin Starch? Did you smoke Players or Senior Service cigarettes? Did you ‘Drinka Pinta Milka Day’, read ‘Jack and Jill’ and sing along with the Ovaltineys radio show? Here’s a nostalgic collection of Frith photographs of advertisements and billboards from the past, to jog your memories!

A billboard poster in this view displays one of the most memorable advertising slogans of the 1960s – ‘DRINKA PINTA MILKA DAY!’

Photo: Richmond, Advertisements, Hill Street c.1963.

These advertising slogans are unlikely to prove successful these days! The army recruitment poster claims '5 years in the army fits a good man for a better future' and Stergene purports to 'Make a woman's hours easier'.

Photo: Mansfield, Advertisements In Toothill Lane 1949.

Photo: Wheatley, Advertisements c.1960.

A sign for ‘FRITH’S LOCAL VIEWS’ is displayed outside this shop in Southwold High Street in 1896. From an early date the Frith company employed a team of sales representatives who toured stationers’ and newsagents’ shops with the Frith collection of souvenir views for them to stock and sell.

Photo: Southwold, High Street 1896.

Do you remember the ridiculously fit, strong and cool Pinta Man?

Photo: Hartlepool, Advertising c.1960.

Photo: Colne, Advertising Hoarding c.1950.

We have a particular affection for the signage in this photograph of Ingleton. A ‘Frith’s Photographs’ display board is seen on the outside wall in this photograph of Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales in 1890. Beautifully constructed with a mahogany frame and gilt inserts, the boards could display up to a dozen local scenes. Two of these old ‘Frith’s Photographs’ boards are still proudly displayed in the office of The Francis Frith Collection!

Photo: Ingleton, The Village 1890.

How many of you were members of the Ovatiney's Club in the past, and happily sang along with the theme tune of the Ovaltiney’s radio show?

‘We are the Ovaltineys, Happy girls and boys...... No merrier children could be seen, Because we all drink Ovaltine, We're happy girls and boys.’

Photo: Tenbury Wells, The Square And Butter Market c.1955.

A myriad posters and signs show off the wares at this post office in Irby, Merseyside. Spot the sign saying 'Players Please' and also the one for Liverpool-based Ogden's 'Turret Flake' tobacco.

Photo: Irby, Wartime Posters At The Post Office c.1940.

Photo: Egham, High Street c.1955.

Bathing machines featuring adverts for Sunlight Soap await customers on the beach at Blackpool in 1890. A typical machine had a door and a pair of shafts at either end. The lady would enter from the landward side, whilst the horse was attached to the seaward end. Once in the water, the lady, suitably attired to protect her modesty, would leave the machine and bathe.

Photo: Blackpool, North Shore 1890.

Photo: Wealdstone, The Cabin, Graham Road 1960.

Photo: Battersea, Horse Bus c.1900.

The two ladders propped against the wall mean it is time to update these advertising posters in Nailsworth.

Photo: Nailsworth, Advertising c.1965.

The writing on this wall from c1955 calls you to visit Edward Bevan & Co Chemist and stock up on Spratts Dog Cakes. The slogan was 'Spratts - Builds Up A Dog!'.

Photo: Gowerton, c.1955.

A poster for Cherry Blossom polish greets you on the way to Hilton's shoe shop along the Terrace in Spilsby in Lincolnshire c1955.

Photo: Spilsby, The Terrace c.1955.

'Hearty meals with Hovis - with the golden hearted taste'.

Photo: Hartlepool, Advertising c.1960.

Photo: Clydebank, Adverts, Kilbowie Road 1900.

Heinz salad cream "Adds the smile" to your salad!

Photo: Thornton Heath, High Street c.1965.

Photo: Welling, Park View Road c.1950.

Photo: Cowes, Adverts On The Pontoon 1893.

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Join the thousands who receive our regular doses of warming nostalgia! Have our latest blog posts and archive news delivered directly to your inbox. Absolutely free. Unsubscribe anytime.