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I was born on 9.2.1922 son of Henry Gowland Hind and Eliza Hind of 28, Thames Street. Henry worked at Chopwell Pit. I attended primary school at Chopwell from 1927 until 1930, followed by Chopwell West Council (Boys Dept) school until 1936. The Headmaster was Mr. Leckenby and my class teachers were (...Read full memory)

My gran and grandad lived Chopwell and I had great memories of going there in sixties and seventies but they have all died and I have no photos or info on them. My gran was Ellen Mallin (formally Clark) and married to James Mallin and had 2 children, my dad John and his sister Mary who died in the sixties. My gran lived all (...Read full memory)

After reading the other accounts of Chopwell I decided to add my own, I hope I have got the names and dates right as I am doing this from memory, apologies if I get some of it wrong. All my mother’s side of the family were from the Chopwell area, my dad’s side of the family came from Newcastle. At the time that I (...Read full memory)

My grandfather lived in Chopwell most of his life, he and his siblings lived in Hamsterley Colliery with their mother Mary Ann and father William Errington, b1881 in Stafford. Their father was killed in 1915 in Gallipoli leaving them to a bleak future. Joseph was born in 1902 but was killed in Greenside pit in (...Read full memory)

I was born on 23rd. September 1928 son of John and Frances May Hind; we lived in Hall Road Bungalows until 1935 when we moved to Joseph Terrace. I attended the Infant and Junior schools-headmaster Mr. Leckenby;teachers included Messrs Turnbull, Bramley Ballan and Kirkup. I was a (...Read full memory)

My dad Denby Smith was a barber in the village but he left there in about 1950 and his father had the barbers shop before him and his name was Albert Acquilla Smith. I have an old photo of the shop with his name above it and it has bunting on it and it must have been the old king's coronation. My mum's name was Lily Bell (...Read full memory)

One day I went for one of my favourite walks around Milkwellburn and Chopwell Woods, it was a lovely hot day when I started chatting to a lovely gentleman walking his pet dogs. After 20 minutes it turned out that one of my great uncles was his grandfather, but I do not know how he would be related to me. To be (...Read full memory)