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Caption for Goudhurst, Hop Pickers 1904: During the first half of the 20th century, whole families from the poorer parts of London travelled down to the hop picking areas of Kent for a week or two's 'holiday' whilst earning money hop picking in the fields. Many camped on site, and have fond memories of halcyon days spent in the bright summer air. These workers seem so neatly dressed that they have surely put on their best clothes for the photographer!

An extract from Villages of Kent Photographic Memories.

Memories of Goudhurst

My grandfather lived in Tattlebury House at the time when this picture was taken in 1904. His name was Robert Bullen Newington. I would be most grateful for any information regarding this house and its occupants around this time. Melanie Newington

Just found this site while looking for Chinley which I believe is close by. Forge Farm memories of the fun times we had as children hop picking with nan and gran-dad, dad and mum, aunts and uncles and of course my siblings. At that time the farm supplied student teachers for the children's education, no one went as we were (...Read full memory)

My husband's great-grandfather was the Rayner on the shop in the photo. We like the name so much that both our eldest son and eldest granddaughter have Rayner as their middle name. We are hoping to keep the tradition going. If anyone knows any more about the Rayners I would be please to know.

I stayed here when it was a Youth Hostel. We had to sleep on the floor in a gallery with a large tapestry. One of our group swore that they saw a ghost during the night. I remember that there was a Priest Hole accessed through a cupboard in the corner of one of the upper rooms. The kitchen still had a lot of the original (...Read full memory)

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