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Caption for Hampstead Norreys, Church Street C1950: To the north of Newbury, on the edge of the downs, lies Hampstead Norris, surrounded by hills and woodland. The church has an impressive flint tower, Norman doorways and a splendid Jacobean roof to the nave. The River Pang cuts through the village, as does the line of the former Didcot to Southampton railway, which closed in 1964. Cattle are on the move through the village. During the Second World War, Folly Hill, which lies just outside the village, was the site of an airfield, with Wellington bombers based here.

Memories of Hampstead Norreys

I lived in what was called the huts with my parents, Vera and Sam Somerville, and elder brother. We moved to Compton when I was about three years old. We used to walk from Compton to Hampstead in the summer to visit relatives. I don't remember living there, my only memories are what my mother told me.

I lived in Hampstead Norris as it was known in those days from 1945 to 1962 when I departed for greener pastures(I thought). I have had this longing for a while now to get in touch with people I went to school with in the village and at Compton. If you know my history you may or may (...Read full memory)

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