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Art Deco

Theme Calendar - Art Deco

Featuring 12 captioned photos of Art Deco. A4 sized calendar, opening to A3.

Art Deco
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Art Deco

Our archivist's pick of photos depicting this unmistakable architectural style which originated in the 1920s.

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Caption for Herne Bay, C1955: A splendid example of nineteen-thirties design with its curving lines and elegant windows, this restaurant clearly retained its popularity with customers well into the fifties.

Memories of Herne Bay

I am interested about a children's convalescent home called, 'Birds Nest and Grange House, 41 Brunswick Square, Herne Bay, Kent. In about 1958/59 as an 8 or 9 year old, my 10 year old sister, (May) and I were sent from London to a seaside convalescent home after recovering from an (...Read full memory)

I started school at 5yrs old ii then lived in Fernlea Avenue the house was called Anglo West and was number 44 (how i remember this so well i do not know) my mum took me to school through the park the school was not far from the end of the park cant remember the road was it Kings Road? I remember a street party must have been (...Read full memory)

I first got to know Herne Bay in the Second World War as my parents used to send me there from where we lived in Feltham to stay with my grandparents on my mum's side to give me a rest from the bombing. In later years both my parents moved there and Dad opened an electrical shop in the High Street where I lived (...Read full memory)

My dads family the "Boltons" lived on a farm called Pear Tree Farm. I thought from memory they owned it but now after research I think they just lived there as workers? I remember walking down a country lane not far from there and buying some wonderful flavoured ice creams such as "Tutty Frutie". I have alot of fond memories of Hernbay....

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