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In 1966 my girlfriend and I (we married in 1967) stayed with the people who owned the fish and chip shop. My parents had got friendly with them whilst camping and arranged for me to bring Joan back. We shared rooms with other family guests who were down at the same time. So quite 'proper' although we had to share (...Read full memory)

been trying to pin down Mick Jackman pianist and surfboard shaper, I met Mickey in newquay when he made my surfboard and he also played in the tall trees club along the front, Met him again at his parents home in Harbour , sydney in 1970 when he was ashore for 24hrs during the time when he was playing on (...Read full memory)

My family came to Merrymoor in 1961, the little building next to it was called Crafts and Gifts run by the Atkinsons, this moved to what is now Bettys Surf Shop and then my Dad used it as a Beer Store untill the mid 60s when the Fish and Chip shop was built.

I was on H&R working on the old Shackletons. We did a detachment to Aden where we were the back up aircraft for 42 sqdn who were in Majunga at that time doing the airborne blockade of Rhodesia as Smith had declared UDI.

Mr and Mrs Smith lived in the first small house on the left as you go up the hill. When I was about 4 years of age I used to toddle over from Kenwyn which was on the other side of the road to visit them. There was an unusual small round window in the lounge room. They would often give me an apple saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

If you look at the Coastguard Cottages in the background you will see a small wash house in front of the cottages on the lower garden. In the back left hand corner of the wash house was an old large copper where my grandmother Kate Knight used to boil all of her white washing. The sheets hanging on the washing line (...Read full memory)

Betty Arnold had a little shop at the Bridge House Cafe. She had four tables inside where she served tea coffee and snacks. Every Sunday the St Column Major motor bike gang used to congregate there for Sunday rendezvous.

The house was called Kenwyn. It was built by my uncle Bert Force for my mother Winifred Carthew. I lived there from 1946-1958. We had a two bedroom bungalow in the back garden & every summer the family would move into the bungalow & Kenwyn would turn into a very upmarket guest house for the summer. There were five (...Read full memory)

When Mr & Mrs Carrington had White Lodge I used to be employed by them every summer helping out in the kitchen and looking after the children. When they sold White Lodge and bought The Riviera lodge I once again worked for them as a cook, waitress & barmaid. Mick Jackman used to play jazz piano in the back (...Read full memory)

I remember when Syd & Hilda took over the Merrymoor. The place came alive. The bar at the back was aways packed.  We were dancing on the chairs and tables in the back bar.   They had a daughter called Lyn. Dudley was the barman. They had a juke box which gave us all the latest hits.  I was living at the Coastguard (...Read full memory)