Nelson, Catlow Bottoms 1957

Memories of Nelson

On the 24th March 1962 we had our wedding reception at The Lord Nelson Hotel. We invited 50 guests and were on a very tight budget but The Lord Nelson did us proud. Next year we will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary so it's natural that my memories turn back to where it all began. At the time I (...Read full memory)

I have a host of memories of MPSP. The earliest is from the 1950s when I used to play on the fountain -- seen in the foreground -- with my cousins (Towers) who would visit from Cleveleys. It was also the first place where I saw a girl's breast. To the left was a 2 or 3 tiered diving board. Kids would line up (...Read full memory)

Dewhurst Butchers By Donald Jay. I started Butchering at the age of 12 in a local butcher on Colne road in Burnley called Harrison Brothers. When I left school at 14 I went to work at J H Dewhursts in Scotland Road Nelson. I left school on Friday and started work on Monday in Easter 1965 my wage was £4-2/6 a week (...Read full memory)

I can remember going to the station to help people on and of the trains with there cases I used to talk to the station staff ( dick cartmell and bill seed and old george who insidently lived in george street. During the summer holidays i would be there from geting up to going to bed taking photos of the steam trains and writing down the numbers

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