Old Maps of Silloth

Historic Maps of Silloth and the local area.

Memories of Silloth

Read and share your memories of Silloth itself or of a particular photo of Silloth.

I was born Silloth but moved away when I was around seven years old. My mother was Jennifer Mcmillan, my grandparents were Edna and Sam McMillan he was a local policeman and also worked at Cars flour mill. The people I remember were called Kent (Brian), David Bilton and a few others. I used to live on Alma (...Read full memory)

In the late 1950's and early 60's we as a family used to carry all our bags from Currock to Carlisle station to catch the train to Silloth. The distance didn't seem to mind as we were on a rare day away, and together. My memories are rosetinted. The sun always shone and we went swimming in the sea whatever the weather; it was (...Read full memory)