Old Maps of South Luffenham

Historic Maps of South Luffenham and the local area.

Memories of South Luffenham

Read and share your memories of South Luffenham itself or of a particular photo of South Luffenham.

I was born in South Luffenham in 1942, some time later (I must have 10 or 11) I can  remember helping the butcher on his round, his name was Mr Lake and he came from Wing. He had a old blue van if I remember correctly. I can remember him stopping in the stream as it was still a water splash to (...Read full memory)

Born in November 1942 I was christened, confirmed and married in St Mary's. My father cleaned, stoked the boiler, wound the clock, and cut the grass. I in turn sang in the choir, served at the altar and rang the bells and stoked the boiler when dad was at work on night shift, a spooky experience in the (...Read full memory)