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Memories from many years ago. My father David Dickson was the dentist who built the house at 9 Newcastle Street which is where I spent my early years.. After the war we moved to Birkland Villa which we entered from a laneway just south of the pharmacy "Deauville". This house had been owned by TC Mills. My father had (...Read full memory)

If anyone has pictures of the above I would be very interested,as I was born at that address when my mother was evacuated there from the Coventry bombings in 1941.Fred Dawson was my dads cousin. Thanks Malcolm Croft

I was born at number 2 Bracebridge in 1941. From childhood memories I think it was a canal side cottage.My mother was evacuated there from Coventry to avoid the bombing for a short stay.I think I must have arived early as I don't think the intention of my mother to give birth then. The cottage was occupied by my Grandmothers (...Read full memory)

Was student from 1943-1950. Canon Molony was the headmaster. Wartime. Poor food, dark at night and cold! But we survived. Michel Clark (535).

The swimming pool someone asked was next to the Canch and I think the other side of the memorial garden. and across from The Priory. . I was born and grew up in Worksop and my father was a dentist on Newcastle street. My parents built the house which was also the surgery when I was young.

Have just stumbled on this site and the entries about Worksop and Carlton have stirred a few memories. I lived in Worksop from 1956 to 1979. Shops: MacFisheries, an old fashioned W H Smith. Machin's hardware, the brilliant C V Berry and son record shop, Gordon Bassett barbers. And was it the Cipriani cafe? There was a (...Read full memory) Thanks ben allison

I remember going to Worksop in my teens, used to go to the Palis De dance hall to dances with my mates. I also was a student at North Notts College doing a mining mechanical course as part of my apprenticeship and used to go into town at lunch times for something to eat and a bit of shopping. When I was young I (...Read full memory)

I remember the teacher well, she wore glasses and did shout and bang on the changing room door if she couldn't see our swimming costumes under the door.

Hello, I am very interested in Worksop history since I've grown up here and me any my friend are intrigued to know whereabouts this pool was? If anybody could give directions for us to 'check out' whereabouts it was, that would be great! We have a rough idea about where we think it's located but we're not sure if it's accurate! Please contact me on please, thank-you x