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Caption for Abbots Langley, Breakspear College, south side c1960: Originally known as Langley House, this was the home of Robert Henty, brother of G A Henty and of Lord Kindersley, Director of the Bank of England. In 1928 the Salvatorian Fathers of Wealdstone bought Langley House, and part of it became the Roman Catholic church for the area. By 1930, a school had been established in the stables under Sisters Claudia and Ellidia. It was known as Breakspear College in memory of Nicholas Breakspear, Pope Adrian IV, who was born at Abbots Langley. The property was sold in 1986 to Dr John Munro, who converted it into an allergy clinic. Today it is empty and boarded up, awaiting planning permission for the main house to be broken up into individual dwellings.

Memories of Abbots Langley

I lived next door to your last writer, Denise.  Her father was my cousin. I was married in 1964 at St Lawrence Church where my parents were also married. I had my wedding reception at my home in Marlin Square. Denise's parents had all the wedding gifts on show at their house as there was no more room in ours. I had (...Read full memory)

In the 1950s at 4yrs old, I attended St Salvadoris Convent in Kitters Green, Abbots Langley. I was so happy there. My teacher was Sister Bernosa and the Head teacher Sister Jemma. I understand the Convent burnt down and the flats built. In later years when married, I lived on the corner of Garden Rd and Breakpeare (...Read full memory)

I'm not too sure of what years to mention apart from some happy memorys of the Ovaltine as a young lad with my mum and dad. David my dad was the village postman for many years and mum Annie was a local florist in the village. Ernie and Edna Edwards lived on the Ovaltine for many years in the main (...Read full memory)

We had a lovely middle floor flat here, while my husband was at HMS Warrior, RAF Northwood. Our son was born at the then new maternity hospital, Shrodells at Watford.  We had a balcony, and one evening when all our husbands were working, it was three floors, 'The Birds'  horror film was on, so when they (...Read full memory)

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