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North Wales Photographic Memories

North Wales Photographic Memories

The photo 'Abergele, Market Street 1895' appears in this book.

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Only 5 years after photograph No 23331, D G Roberts have expanded: their shopfront is longer and fronted by a mini-arcade, and they now have a first-floor showroom with a plate-glass window. The town consists of this single wide street, running about a mile from the shore. Tradesmen's carts are much in evidence in this view. Although there are several changes to the street, the town hall is still a landmark.

An extract from North Wales Photographic Memories.

Other Memories from Abergele

I grew up in Abergele and I remember a man called Harold. He was a sort of 'tramp' I use this word rather in caution because he lived in a small shack by Slaters on what is now the Tesco car park. He helped out at the cattle market which was again sighted where Tesco's is now. As a boy I was a little afraid of him because he tended to be a little erratic which was not surpising considering the boys used to hound him. He cut a ...see more

I was a student at Clarendon between 1963 and 1966, and how I remember the Sunday evenings curled up before the fire listening to gospel and classical music before supper. Of course there were also the House evenings spent in the Principal's parlour doing our sewing or embroidery or some other craft work, while she read to us from one of the missionary books or short stories that she kept for the ...see more

I was sent from Liverpool to stay at the Margaret Beavan memorial home in Abergele in the late 1940s early 1950s. I recall it down a road facing a farm only a short walk to the shops and beach. We would often walk to the bearly Gwych Castle and spend hours there. Does anyone else remember this home?

We had a small caravan in Pensarn and as a child I remember the walk down to the beach and the man with his donkies in this picture. Further along was a small fun fair.

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