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NOW, as we come into the third millennium, it is possible to see that all three communities have become essentially suburban areas, in that few people depend for their living on locally owned farms or industry. The service sector, in all its myriad forms, provides the majority of people with their livelihoods, and most of them look to Manchester or even further afield for the crucial decisions that shape their lives. The area has also become almost entirely middle class and middle aged. With the rise in house prices and the sale of council houses in the late 20th century, working people and young couples looking for a place to start a family can find it very difficult to get anywhere to live in the area. Even the old terrace houses have been converted into bijou residences for the professional classes. This homogenisation of society means that the area has lost the variety of human inter- reaction that used to be there.

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This photo has troubled me for quite a long time. I spent my childhood in Alderley and the surrounding countryside and I feel this young boy is me. Unfortunately the date doesn't stack up, if it is me it would have been about 1965 and the girl was called Christine. Only she could verify! Thank you for your enquiry. I have checked with our Archivist, and although we cannot pin point the actual date of ...see more

I have a copy of the property sales of the estate and it's amazing to see the prices. The photo are good too.

I lived in Alderley Edge as a child between 1947 and 1955. I remember going for walks on the Edge, and being told about a legend that Merlin and King Arthur and his knights were sleeping inside a cave there, waiting to be summoned to help if England needed them. There were some sand hills, on the top of the Edge I think, perhaps a result of mining there, and I remember sliding down them. My grandparents ...see more

To this very day my memories of my childhood remain happy ones. For many reason really, in the 1970s the village was a fantastic place to live. We lived on Dukes Meadow just behind the Drum and Monkey. Everywhere was reachable by foot or bike, school, church, tennis club, shops, cubs, it was a wondeful and safe place to grow up in. Today London Road is mainly full of estate agents, wine bars and restaurants, ...see more

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