Sogs - a Memory of Allerwash.

I was a pupil at St Oswald Girls School 1963-1967. Miss Muriel Stevenson died just before I started so Miss Rowena Stevenson was headmistress when I started there. I think she was heavily influenced by her friend Miss Oram who used to organise the plays etc that were performed in the grounds. I remember being in a nativity play at Hexham Abbey which was beautiful. The school also owned 2 ponies and other pupils were allowed to bring their own ponies there for term time. I have some very happy memories and some sad ones. I left there as the school had become so small in 1967. My name then was Kate Lockerby (now Court).

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Thu Oct 5th 2017, at 12:02 pm
Sara (Smelly) Bell's pony was called Foody (Foodie?) and I too remember the awful accident. Also remember Mouse hanging out of an upstairs window having been locked in for some misdemeanour or other - unthinkable in retrospect! Jacqui - did you live in Stockport and did your father run a hotel? I also remember visiting a Jacqui in hospital in Hexham where she'd had something removed, possibly appendix? I can't find my previous post (any assistance welcomed so apologies if I'm repeating myself) but I remember diving into the pool (unheated) in January and wondering if I'd ever feel warm again. I remember Phyllis Rose, Katie Fell, Jennifer's Freeland and Michaelides, Margaret Richardson, Tubby Trail, Jane 'Weed' Smith, Marice Donaldson, Shian and Wendy Percy and Margaret Southern.
Wed May 3rd 2017, at 3:11 am
kate.court commented:
Hi Judith, yes I remember you! Your comments brought a lot back to me. I think we called you "Mousy Maunder" because you were so tiny! After leaving Sogs I went to a boarding school in Yorkshire called Hunmanby Hall. Phyllis Rose went there too. A few years again we were in Northumberland and went past and drove in ti Sogs. The place is now flats but really looks exactly the same. Are you still in Guernsey? I lived in Jersey 1975-79 and then moved to Australia which is almost 40 years ago. Living in Perth, retired and enjoying life. I do remember all the names you mentioned, especially Rosemary Rowell as she was the youngest in the school and asked all us new girls how old we were hoping someone would be younger than her.
We do visit the UK every couple of years as we both have a sister there. Mine lives in Co. Durham and we are actually going there in August. Here are some of the names I remember - Sara Bell (who had that awful accident and her pony was killed), Sarah Westmacott, Penny Mitchell, Mary Moriarty, Melanie Crick, Jackie Thornlie, Katy Fell...and the list goes on. I remember the dancing teacher was Miss Coombes who was an ex-ballerina, Mr Strutt and Mrs Plummer who was the French teacher and then moved to Hunmanby Hall as a housemistress. She used to have Phyllis and I over to her house in Filey for afternoon tea. Anyway nice to hear from you. I have seen other comments from people who were there in the 1950s. All the best and kind regards.
Thu Apr 27th 2017, at 10:12 am
judeedmondson commented:
Hello Kate, I'm sure I know you the name is very familiar. I too started Sogs when Rowena Stevenson took over. I also remember that Nativity in Hexham Abbey, I was a cherub and had to stand all through it on the stone staircase. I was in Ely dorm when I first got there I think you were in Lincoln . The girls I shared with were Rosmary Roaul. Anita Larson Diane Beatie and Carol white. I left just after they made changes to the school and Roweena Stevensons rooms were changed into the Art rooms and our dormitories were moved to the other side of the house. Miss Stephensons brother came to join the staff with his wife who took over as matron. I left as my parents moved to Guernsey. I loved the woods we were allowed to play in and make dens at weekends. I remember Miss Oram and the teas we had in the cottage by the hockey fields. Phillis Rose and Tubby Trail were the pony girls who I envied as my folks made me do ballet. I too have happy memories of the school and some sad ones, there was bullying amongst the boarders for some girls. It seems a million years ago. I loved what seemed to be long hot summers there lying in the grounds or under that massive copper beach tree, and the Lawns where Miss Oram put on The Taylor of Glouster for the parents. I remember lining up each day after lunch when we were allowed 3 sweets each ! Gregory powder each month at supper and changing into all the different uniforms we seemed to have for each tome of the day. My name was Judith Maunder then, (now Edmondson) Kind Regards.

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