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Caption for Allhallows, the Beach c1955: This small landing bay off the Thames estuary near the Isle of Grain is popular with fishermen and amateur sailors. The hook, centre foreground, and mooring blocks suggest that a small craft is often tied here, and the bathing huts, right, are well kept and brightly painted. Is the woman on the shingle the owner of what looks like a coat atop the concrete pyramid, right?

Memories of Allhallows, the Beach c1955

My earliest memories of the seaside are from the 1950's. We lived in Bexleyheath and - like most people - did not own a car in those far off austerity years after the war. For this reason our summer holidays were always on the nearby north Kent coast and we would travel by train! Our trip to Allhallows (...Read full memory)

I have pics of me and my family camping in a bell tent at Allhallows. We then bought a caravan which I thought was fabulous, there wa my mum and dad, us kids, Dot, Carol, Charlie and me, Jenny, and a baby sister cam along in 1961. Our surname was Fox. We all used to go out in the mud and there was a big white (...Read full memory)

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