Ashford, The Swimming Pool 1962

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Memories of Ashford, the Swimming Pool 1962

born 1942 lived 50ft away from the swimming pool in Ferndale road for 18 yrs and to this day still cant swim ,petrified of water due to being thrown in the deep end by my sisters.....all very good swimmers....thanks girls!!!

I was born in ashford in 1953, lived there until 1973, went to the open air pool as soon as I was allowed, during the school summer holidays they ran a morning, afternoon and early evening session, and we made sure we went to every one, every day, it was a fabulous place, although we didn't (...Read full memory)

I remember visiting this open air pool many times, I also remember how cold it was. Flats now stand where the pool was.

Haha - yes me too! Bloody cold! Went there once on bus from Hersham, seemed to take ages and when we got there it was typical British Summer - cold, grey and windy! Shivered and was eventually hoiked out by my mum... then the massive inter-changing bus trip home! It has stayed in my mind though and I can (...Read full memory)

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