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Britain's Coasts
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Britain's Coasts

Gorgeous archive photos of Britain's coastal towns & villages.

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Caption for Barry Island, Friars Point, Whitmore Bay 1900: On weekdays, the main railway line from the Rhondda valley to Barry carried coal to the docks, but it was used on Sundays and bank holidays by excursion trains to the seaside. This photograph conveys the pleasure to be gained from a day out in the sunlight, with rocks to sit on, a driftwood fire to heat water for a picnic, and parasols to prevent damaging that fashionably pale complexion.

Memories of Barry Island, Friars Point, Whitmore Bay 1900

In the early 1940s my father was a coastguard stationed at Barry Island. I was about 5 years old and I vividly remember that one day I was sat on my 3-wheeled bike at the top of the hill and a German aircraft flew over at a very low altitude, I could see the pilot's face clearly. It was followed by two Spitfires which (...Read full memory)

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