Bebington, St Andrew's Church c.1955

Memories of Bebington

I was told by my mum, still here at 88 this week, that my grandad on my dad's side also lived in the old hall with his sister who ran a soup kitchen. His name was Herbert Walter Dawson, the same as my dad. They were both in the police. My dad, after the war, being in the Chesers in Egypt, went into Lever's then into the (...Read full memory)

Imagine my surprise, when I Googled Bebington from my apartment in New York City and up came a photograph of a row of houses opposite The Wirral Grammar School on Heath Road in Bebington, and one of them was my grandfather's! It is the left side of the first semi-detached house going from right to (...Read full memory)

Wonderful times spent in Brackenwood (Rolly polly) Park Iremember the Beautiful Building in the picture. We lived on the estate,so mum would have to go there occassionaly and would take me as I was only a little tot then. The whole place was kept tidy from the entrance at the bottom of (...Read full memory)

My family lived here at Bebington Hall until it was demolished in 1966-67. The Hall was a large place situated where "Civic Way" is today. It was set in 3-4 acres of grounds. The picture you can see is showing the servants' wing, to the back left hand side of the hall. My great-g-grandparents' surname was Ellison. I (...Read full memory)

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