Other Memories from Bosbury

50s/60s. Are there any folks out there that remember the Carter Family? Granny Carter lived at Birchwood Farm, Eddie Carter had the Hill House and Tom Carter lived close by. Remember the Hop Yards, can smell the smell now that were at the top of the lane that we used to walk down to Grannys, seemed so long as a child. We would pick primroses and cowslips all the way down. I used to think Granny got all the groceries ...see more

Hi I have only just found this web site but I lived at "the woodings" Old Country, Nr Bosbury from 1963 to 1973. We used to have a pub next door to us which my foster mother was not happy about. We many animals including a donkey,pony, numerous dogs and cats and of course chickens. I remember the winter with all the snow and stil, have some old B/W photos. We used to have lovely walks with the dogs in the local country ...see more

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