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Cardiff Photographic Memories

Cardiff Photographic Memories

The photo 'Cardiff, Roath Park 1896' appears in this book.

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Roath Park is one of many formal parks that punctuate Cardiff's inner districts; it is skilfully designed and possesses features of interest to all classes of the public, and it was, and is, highly popular. The land was presented to the city fathers in 1887 by Lord Bute, needless to say!

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My mother was from Newtown in Cardiff, near the docks. It was a community of very poor Irish immigrants. My great grandmother had a job cleaning the City Hall. She would walk through Cardiff in the early morning and do her work which included polishing the steps then walk all the way back home again, a good few miles. On the way she would stop at her friend's house and her friend would make her a cup of tea, ...see more

Our great grandfather was a stone mason named William Jones. His daughter, our grandmother, told us many years ago that her father was killed in a fall while working on the construction of the City Hall. It had to be after January 1900 as he was present at Grans' wedding in Jan 1900. I have been unable to confirm the happening of this accident. Can anyone help me? I now live in Western Australia so it is ...see more

My Great Grandfather James Miles died in the Infirmary, aged 40. He was a Labourer in the Cardiff Ironworks. I never knew any of my family, but when I read of where they lived, and worked and died, I feel so proud of them.

My Grandparents William Garside and Evelyn Bowden were married on 29th February 1896 in Cardiff and Grandad lived in Roath prior to his marriage. I imagine they may have also stood in this spot when courting, looking quite similar.

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