Christchurch, The River Avon c.1955

Memories of Christchurch

The Ferryman in this photo of Blackwater Ferry is my two times great grandfather; Edward Gregory. Former Hampshire County Police Constable, Edward took over the running of the Ferry and the Tea Rooms (it used to sell beer too) on his retirement from the Police force, along with his wife Jane. The Ferry was an important quick route into Bournemouth, via Holdenhurst.

My parents Evelyn & Tom Williams purchased this house brand new in 1956, and we lived there for two years.

I remember as a small lad being taken by Dad to the back of the (I think) Dolphin pub to watch the trolly buses being put onto to the turntable. First one of the men would get a long pole and disconnect the overhead poles, then the two would turn the trolly bus round using two push bars at 180, then they would re-connnect the poles - sometimes it would spark as they put it back.

I moved to Boscombe near Christchurch in 1954 when my father's job with Williams Deacons Bank took him to their newly opened Bournemouth Branch. I was amazed! I was just eight years old and all I had ever really known in the way of public transport were the London Transport red or green buses, (...Read full memory)

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