Cookham, Holy Trinity Church c.1955

Memories of Cookham

I also have many happy memories of life in Cookham. We moved here from Maidenhead and brought up our children in this lovely area. The pubs of Cookham and the Dean were great and we walked for miles enjoying the scenery. We earned money by working at Copas farm throughout the season, I particularly remember turkey plucking (...Read full memory)

My grandad was born in cookham in 1896

I was born in Cookham in 1952. I attended Holy Trinity Primary School and sang in the church choir. One Remembrance Sunday I was given the honour of carrying the cross at the head of the procession from the church to the war memorial. I was extremely lucky to spend my childhood in such idyllic surroundings. My brothers and I, (...Read full memory)

In 1951 together with my parents & brothers we camped at a little campsite next to an old house called Strand Castle next to the strand brook. The site was run by a Mr Wallace who lived at Strand Castle..he had old army tents set up in the field & a small floating dip pool anchored in the strand brook..we, as (...Read full memory)

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