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Caption for East Dereham, Bishop Bonner's Cottage 1898: This thatched cottage with its distinctive pargetting (moulded plaster decoration) was home to one of East Dereham's more infamous sons, Bishop Bonner, the Rector of nearby St Nicholas's Church in the 1530s. As Bishop of London during the reign of Mary Tudor, he earned the name 'Bloody Bonner' for his part in sending so many Protestants to be burned at the stake.

Memories of Dereham, Bishop Bonner's Cottage 1898

I live a short walk from this lovely building. This year is the 50th anniversary of Bishop Bonner's Cottage being turned into a museum 1963 - 2013. There will be a free admission day to the museum on its birthday of 11th May 2-4.30pm, you can find out more about the cottage on

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