Durham, Old Elvet 1914

Memories of Durham

Does anyone reacll the 'Tin School'? It was a primary school situated in Belmont, I went there in the early 1960's as we lived in Belmont. I recall the school was made of possibly corrugated iron and was on a crossroads or junction. Our family lived at various places around County Durham until 1966 when we moved South (...Read full memory)

This is for Martyn Walker. I do remember the Tin School, but not in the 1960s however. I was a student there from 1941-1948. I just found this site by accident, it got me thinking about the Tin School. Then I came across your comments about it. So, I joined this site. It was, of course, partly during the war. In my (...Read full memory)

My Uncle Gordon was the police man who used to sit in the police box at the top of the street in the market square directing traffic. This was around 1950s. I used to live in Meadowfield and came to Durham many, many times growing up. Great memories. I now live in Devon, but think of Durham always. I used (...Read full memory)

While at University my daily walk led me up Dun Cow Lane, on the left of this photo. In 1956 the railings in front of the houses had all disappeared. The ancient church of St.Mary-le-Bow was built of sandstone, and as it stood on a rather draughty and exposed corner, the soft stone suffered badly from wind erosion - I (...Read full memory)

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