Edwinstowe, Major Oak, Sherwood Forest c.1960

Memories of Edwinstowe

Unfortunately I don't have any memories of Rexco but wonder if anyone does; in particular the turbine exploding or something similar. Thanks to all who reply.

My first memories were living at 56, 4th Avenue aged approx six years. We were very poor and my mother had many days when she fed us but didn't eat herself, even though my father worked seven days a week at Thoresby Pit. I remember our next-door neighbors were called Marsden and the teenage daugher used to stain her (...Read full memory)

I have two memories,one of my grandfather,his name was Parr.He lived a bit down from the crossroads,he used to keep pigs and he used to work in the forest.I can always remember hams hanging from beams in the living room with a big fire.this must have been in 1950. My other memory was of my auntie,she was a big boxum lady who (...Read full memory)

My life in Edwinstowe started in 1953. My father was starting a new job of caretaker at King Edwin School, l was three years old. My new friend was Jean Matkin whose father also worked at the school, we had many happy hours playing and village life was good, the miners so friendly and helpfull with the odd help (...Read full memory)

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