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Canals and Waterways
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Canals and Waterways

Peaceful and thought-provoking scenes of life down by the water.

Canals and Waterways

Canals and Waterways

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Caption for Evesham, Hampton Ferry 1895: It is remarkable that more than a century after this photograph was taken, Hampton Ferry, to the west of Evesham, still exists, and it still operates in the same way: a cable is strung across the river and the ferryman pulls his boat across. Because of the volume of boating traffic, the cable now tends to be under water except when it is needed.

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Memories of Evesham, Hampton Ferry 1895

First placed here by the monks of Evesham Abbey in the thirteenth century to enable them to tend the vineyard that they planted on Clarkes Hill, the original use of the cottage was a wine store.  Their system of pulling the ferry rope between two stauntions to get across the river is still used to this very day, in (...Read full memory)

As a young teenager with fond memories of Evesham and surrounding areas, I enjoyed with two of my male friends, camping  at  Weir Camping Meadow, which was located by the River Avon down in the lower part of the town. The camping meadow could be viewed from the bridge spanning the river. The camping equipment we had was very (...Read full memory)

Has anybody any information about Mill House, Hinton on the Green? My grandfather was servant there in about 1881, the family that owned Mill House were called MORRISS, I think it was a farm.

I used to go to school in Cleeve Prior, we lived in one of the cottages over the road from the village school. I was friends with two girls who lived just outside on the road to Evesham. We all went to Blackminster County Modern after. I would like to get in touch with them; Mavis Spires & Sandra Parks. We loved our time there, lovely village life. My dad was in the army so we moved a lot.

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