Memories of Evesham

My maternal grandfather, his siblings and parents lived in Evesham from the late 1890s. My GGrandfather was stationmaster in Evesham His name was John Hall Seal. They lived at 8 Market Square then moved to new houses on Cambria Road. My grandfather was a triplet and they all survived. His triplet brother died in WW1 in France in 1918. I (...Read full memory)

My paternal grandparents came from Evesham, they moved to Birmingham in the 1930s I think, but we still had relatives still living in Evesham. On a Sunday we would go and see my grand auntie Lott and my second cousin Patricia and her husband Ron, they all lived in this huge bungalow just off the main road that was set in in fields. (...Read full memory)

As a young teenager with fond memories of Evesham and surrounding areas, I enjoyed with two of my male friends, camping  at  Weir Camping Meadow, which was located by the River Avon down in the lower part of the town. The camping meadow could be viewed from the bridge spanning the river. The camping equipment we had was very (...Read full memory)

I remember shoe inspections, and length of skirt and "divided skirts (shorts) had to be a certain number of inches above the knee but not many (perish the thought!) This was Prince Henry's Grammar School. The younger girls had to do gym in their navy blue knickers and we had to dash across to it hoping the boys would not see us! The (...Read full memory)

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