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Memories of Felixstowe

After 2 months at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford I was sent for six week convalescence on the east coast in February I am sure the medical profession said at the time - we have done all we can for him, now let mother nature have a go. Well I am 78 now and that experience of Felixstowe was in 1952 . The King died (...Read full memory)

The skating rink behind the Bowls green mid left hand side of the Picture was at the time run by my father, Vic McBride. I could be the Little boy skating, at the edge of the Picture. The Whole area the Rink, the Beach, the boatmen "around the bay in a motorboat", crabbing at the Old Dooley fort. "Jacobs Ladder" (...Read full memory)

Use to skate every Sunday morning. My mum and dads beach hut was in the bottom left corner still bowl there to this day. I can remember Vic macbride as well use to play with his daughter.

I need drawings or photos of the gardens at Felixstowe's shelter before it was pulled down.

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