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Memories of Frodsham, Mersey View Pleasure Grounds, Overton Hill c1955

I was born 9 years after the photograph was taken and lived my life in Frodsham unitl 1993. I have fond memories of the Helter Skelter and remember quite vividly coming down it on a coir mat trying not to 'burn' my elbows. Very sad day when what was an icon of the village was pulled down

The helter-skelter was not only an icon of Frodsham but also a symbol of youthful exuberance and fun. I was born and bred just 200 metres from it. I shudder to think how much skin it must have claimed from me in pursuit of a rapid descent! I was frequently accompanied by our dog, a large Alsatian who ascended the (...Read full memory)

I remember going every year to Frodsham with the Orange Lodge. We would play on the helter-skelter and also the swingboats. It was a great day out! I went to a party there the other year at a country club, how it has all changed! (But the view from the hill is still as good as ever.) I have also recently discovered (...Read full memory)

This morning I have just walked up Helsby Hill in the mist and rain with my brother and partner. It is the first time I have been up here for 40+ years. In the 1960s when I wasa little girl I used to meet my grandparents here, who lived in Chester, and I lived in Gatley, Cheshire. I have fond memories of going down (...Read full memory)

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