Guisborough, The Priory 1885

Memories of Guisborough

I had a lovely weekend "up north" to attend a family party in Middlesbrough as my wife's brother-in-law Robert Arbin was celebrating his 60th birthday. As it was summer we thought it would nice to camp and we found an attractive camping and caravan park at Tocketts Mill just outside (...Read full memory)

This was taken a year before I emigrated to Australia. My Dad was the owner, and my brother Tom and I were the sons. Dad sold the shop in 1972 (which had been opened in the 1930's) he retired and subsequently died in 1995. The last time I was in Guisborough, was just after he died and not much has really changed except the (...Read full memory)

The closest car in this picture (a Hillman Minx) belonged to my family. I know because my father, Arthur Simpson, bought the postcard because of that. The following year, we moved to Canada where my brother and I still live. My brother and I will be in Guisborough next month. I was there a couple of years ago and saw (...Read full memory)

We used to eat at the Fox Inn on a regular basis in the 1960's. Mrs Armstrong, the owner and chef, made the best ox tail I've ever eaten . You couldn't beat Yorkshire food at it's best Great food and beer. Norman Robinson owned the newsagents next door, where I'd buy my papers

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