Haywards Heath, South Road c.1965

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Memories of Haywards Heath

I have lived in Haywards Heath all my life. My paternal Uncle, Clement Roderick Capon (Uncle Rod) worked for many years as a driver with Southdown. I remember attending Brownies in the Guide Hut, behind the Methodist Church in Perrymount Road' then getting a number 30 bus from the Bus Station home (...Read full memory)

Amazed to find a reference to Sharrow School where I was a ten year old schoolboy in 1934. I remember the train room and friends named Allwood, Ffoulkes and I guess that is about all. The Allwood brothers family grew carnations I remember, the younger one was nicknamed "Onion" .We went to Great Walstead School, near (...Read full memory)

As a child I went to the ABC minors every Saturday morning, it cost six old pence to get in. I think the last film that was shown at the cinema was in 1971, it was called Shaft and starred Richard Roundtree. I was one of the few there.

I was aged about 10 or 11 years old and went to a large school, it was like a big mansion with a farm attached to it. The headmaster was named Mr Mann, and his wife also helped run the school. I can't find the school on the internet and would appreciate some info as this is my childhood I can't really remember.

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