Hockley, Woods c.1955

Memories of Hockley

I remember being one of the first families to move into Broad Parade (No.5) in 1955. My dad, Jim Weller, was the manager of Greens Stores, the grocers... the Wests, were our next door neighbours, with Al Milby and family at Galleon Wine Stores on the end. At the other end were a delightfully eccentric couple, (...Read full memory)

When I was very small, my mother brought me here to play on the swings and slide in the park opposite the pub and shop. On hot days I was allowed an ice-cream or ice-lolly from the shop. In the distance Rochford Hospital chimney could be seen, surrounded by fields. This view was in my earliest recurring dream; I (...Read full memory)

I remember the old house called "Restville" 101 Greensward Lane. Thee old ladies lived there from the 1930's to about 1960 when it was knocked down to build three new houses. It was next door to the first Doctors and I used to go to the post box on the corner to post letters. Had to get the bus from across the (...Read full memory)

I can remember all the shops in this picture. Think there was Hewitt's the Photographer, Horsnall Stores and next to Horsnall was INIFER POTTER who are now celebrating their 100th year this year. As regards POTTER's, the picture shown on their celebratory plastic bag shows my Dad, Ernie Jay as the errand boy (...Read full memory)

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