Hythe, Pier And Train c.1960
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Hythe pier is the longest on the south coast, jutting out into Southampton Water opposite Netley. It was opened to the public in 1881, and is one of only a couple in this country with a railway. The track was electrified in 1922. Let us hope that the children's pushchair, towed by the train, has not been forgotten!

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From 1954-60 I travelled from Blackfield to the Gregg School in Winn Road. It was a 'long and winding' road by bus, so it became an adventure to travel by the Hythe Ferry. A walk or run up the pier, or a fun ride in the electric train started a journey across the water to the Royal Pier which varied day by day. This was the time of the great liners - not the floating box hotels of today. The sight of ...see more