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Hand Coloured Photographs

These photographs are all coloured in the Victorian style and are particularly suitable for use on Jigsaws, Tea Towels and Cushion Covers, but are also available in all our products.

Memories of Lancaster, Market Street c1950

Market Street/Square holds lots of memories. Those underground toilets, buses maneovering round to take us home to the Marsh, which when young seemed miles away. My father was born in Anchor Lane, and there used to be a brilliant sweet shop in the top corner , also the Blue Anchor Pub where my Grandad used to drink. My father talks about playing football in that Square, obviously before the toilets were ...see more

Market Square and its subterranean (underground) toilets on the left. They always used to smell ghastly! A couple of years after this, Market Square became almost a Bus Station, with stops for all city destinations. The big "CAFE" sign was the Cinema (Empire?) now WH Smith.

Added 20 December 2010
I used to work at Henrys store, in the stock room. It was my first real job. It was a great old place. In the cellar was a secret passage way to the castle, bricked up from when there was a farmhouse there, I was told. Christmas time was fantastic with Father Christmas and the grotto, and Father Christmas was my grandfather before I worked there - I sat on his knee when I was small and didn't know it was my ...see more

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