Langley Park, North View c.1965

Memories of Langley Park

My name is Rob Beilby and I grew up in Durham City from 1937 until 1966. I and my brothers Bryan and Jimmy lived in a pub called the "Angel Inn" at the top of Crossgate from 1937 until 1945 with our grandparents and mother, our dad was gone in the army to North Africa. I remember (...Read full memory)

I remember Gynmathias. I was a bit older. People in my class I remember; Ann mace, David Richardson, Pat Wilson, Pat Richardson, Alan Raine, Spike Richardson, Doreen Elliot, Elaine Wardle, Diane Lamb, Alan Gregory. Anyone remember me?

My family originates from Witton Gilbert and Langley Park. we left Witton about 1935 to live in Surrey. Langley Park war memorial has the name of my uncle John Robert Swinbank who died on the Somme in the first world war and my cousin William Heppell who was lost on H.M.S Barham in the second world war. The Swinbank (...Read full memory)

What happened to some of the people I knew in my class when I was at Langley Park Junior Mixed School circa 1957? I left in 1957 to go to Durham Johnston School after the 11+ exam which split us all up! Names such as Keith Gregory, George Walton, Margorie Cowan, Wendy Smith, Joyce Debrick(?), Priscilla Joyce, Billy (...Read full memory)

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