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Memories of Leicester, Wyggeston Girls School c1950

My memories of Wyggie girls school straddle the years 1951 to 1956. I can still remember being in awe of Miss Pedley until she appeared in th end of year play 1066 and all that. She was a natural actress and had us all in stitches. I would love to hear from anyone who was in the science forms during the same years. Will there be reunion 2020 Janet Carter

I well remember starting at Wyggeston Girls' Grammar School in Sept 1968 with my new shiny leather satchel. I was so proud of my black velour hat, black gloves, and 'sensible lace-up shoes'.  It had been my ambition to go to Wyggy Girls' from the age of five, when a girl visited class 1, St Joseph's Primary (...Read full memory)

I started at Wyggeston Girls School in 1949 and Miss Pedley was the scourge of the lower school, the higher school and the mistresses then. I left in 1954 and have never been back but I have looked at it on Google Earth and it looks very much the same. The privet hedge on Regent Road was planted when I was at the school (...Read full memory)

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