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Hand Coloured Photographs

These photographs are all coloured in the Victorian style and are particularly suitable for use on Jigsaws, Tea Towels and Cushion Covers, but are also available in all our products.

Memories of Lowestoft

I went on holiday there when I was only 2. I still have photos somewhere.

When I was a young girl my dad used to work on the trawlers out of Lowestoft. I remember getting a telegram for my birthday from him when he was at sea on the Suffolk Warrior. His name was Cecil but everyone called him 'Skip', he came from Hunstanton in Norfolk. He has recently died and I wonder if anyone from the days of the trawlers remembers him.

My great grandparents also lived in this road. Charles Alexander Adamson & Mary Elizabeth Adamson nee Dover

My grandad was a shipsmith and worked in Lowestoft for Cosalt my mother was born there and they lived in Norwich Road in 1911. In 1914 moved to Padstow.I would like any information about the how that came about.

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