Luton, Vauxhall Motors c.1955

Memories of Luton

During the summer holidays we would visit the outdoor swimming pool in Bath Road. The first indication when near to the entrance was the strong smell of chlorine and the sound of the two water fountains. No matter what time of year or the weather of the day the cubicle area was always cold and wet. We would undress (...Read full memory)

There was a Police Box (Tardis type) at the bottom of the Corn Exchange, later replaced by a Police telephone post. On the left was the entrance to the Old Indoor Market and The Plough public house.

For about 6 wks prior to joining the navy in 1963, I worked at the Fyffes banana warehouse in Williamson St. It paid about 3 quid a week (and all u cud eat). Still, a handy easygoing fill-in job for a naive halfwit 15yr old about to take the queens shilling and sea the world. The bananas arr (...Read full memory)

I was born in the flat above my Grandmothers Sweet Shop in Wellington Street in 1955. I think it was on the right as you went up the Street just before the chapel that was on the left.

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